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Top Ten of 2022

Top Ten of 2022


  1. Millie’s Restaurant and Catering to be featured on Guy Fieri’s Show
  2. Millie’s North will be Opening in Ormond Beach
  3. 7th Shark Bite in Volusia
  4. Power Outages in New Smyrna Beach
  5. Guy Fieri visits New Smyrna Beach
  6. New Smyrna Restaurant Review The Spott NSB
  7. New Restaurant Opening “The Twisted Chopstick” Behind DeLand
  8. NOT CONDEMNED 601 Main Street & Update
  9. The Knot Spot
  10. River and Fort Opening in St. Augustine



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  1. Behind Daytona 18,000 Followers
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  17. A Taste of Florida
  18. Daytona Beach Blues Society
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  24. Behind California
  25. Behind Portugal
  1. Life Behind Daytona Beach 2,500 Members
  2. Daytona Beach Area Foodies 6,200 Members
  3. Life Behind Port Orange
  4. Life Behind St. Augustine
  5. Life Behind DeLand
  6. A Taste of Florida
  7. Life Behind New Smyrna Beach
  8. Life Behind the Space Coast
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  10. Life Behind Daytona Beach Shores


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